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Single Server

If you have business in only one location, don’t work with huge amounts of data and do not have many devices, you can have only one server and connect all your devices to a single server. It will have similar functionality to a multiple servers solution.

Multiple Servers

If you do business in many locations, work with a lot of data and need real time response in each location, then you need our full-scale solution with multiple edge servers. It provides real time exchange of critical information and is independent of unreliable networks. This solution is designed to scale horizontally to as many servers as you need. All servers are integrated into one system that you can access from anywhere with the browser or mobile device.
Central server will send necessary data to all edge servers in real time. Edge servers collect the data from edge devices, process the data and send important information to the central server or control room. Central server is also connected to cloud services and other applications.
Servers communicate based on reliable, event driven, messaging architecture. If there is a network outage anywhere between the servers, the system will store all messages and will not lose any data. When network communication is re-established, the system will synchronize affected servers automatically, without losing any data.
The system supports many protocols, MQTT, AMQP, HTTP/HTTPS and it is easy to add new protocols, as needed.